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More Machine, Less Man

18. Oktober 2018, 12:47 Uhr   |  Lars Bube | Kommentar(e)

More Machine, Less Man

»Take the human factor out of the equation«. Francesco Dibartolo, Sales Director Solarwinds MSP

For Francesco Dibartolo, an inadequate degree of automation is one of the most common and at the same time most serious mistakes that system houses can make when switching to managed services.

The ideal path to a »Fully Managed« IT operator contract only leads via a highly automated MSP platform that takes over routines such as patching or backup and proactively counteracts disruptions to servers, networks and clients. The higher the degree of automation, the more margin remains with a flat rate. The MSP can scale IT operations without immediately hiring new technicians, who are scarce anyway, and is happy about every new customer who increases the contribution margin and increases technician utilization. What Francesco Dibartolo presents as being so obvious in the calculation, of course, has not yet been implemented by many system houses in practice. An inefficient organization of technology - too many tools, consequently too many manual processes - is slowing down the expansion of IT operations to new or existing customers.

Therefore, the manager of Solarwind's MSP advises: »Take the human factor out of the equation«. Of course, this does not mean that "machine" in the system house works completely without employees. Even today, scripts replace tedious routines. So why not use an »Automation Manager« that is equipped with over 600 modules that handle IT automation via drag-and-drop. »Anyone can use it,« says Dibartolo.

CRN Channel Konferenz 2018

Unser bayerischer Hirte und Chefredakteur hält Ausschau nach seinen Gästen (Foto: CRN)
Die lassen nicht lange auf sich warten (Foto: CRN)
Und stoßen gleich mit Martin Fryba auf ein spannendes Event an (Foto: CRN)

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